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Our Self Credit Check service is to Empower You to Own & control Your own information and Prevent any others from Stealing your Identity or Using your Information to defraud any one. Using our Portal to register yourself and our service to advise you each time a search is conducted on you by a Financial Institution or Any other credit provider frees you from worries of frauds / identity thefts. It also protects your Personal Data Protection Rights and we are here to help you do this.

About mycreditinfo.com.my

MyCreditInfo is a Free online portal developed by RAM Credit Information Sdn. Bhd. for you to obtain your Credit Report online; anywhere you are. This service is open for All Malaysians & Companies and Businesses including foreign residents or those with business shareholding in Malaysia.

Why do you need to obtain your Personal Credit Information Report and Your Company’s Credit Report today?

  1. To check on your credit information before obtaining any credit facility from Bank or Non-Bank Credit Institutions
  2. To ensure your credit information is accurate and up to date
  3. To prevent identity theft and fraud
  4. To ensure your personal details is not been misused by any third party
  5. To correct and update your credit information in the SER
  6. You are automatically entitled to FREE* reports every year
  7. You can subscribe to Credit Alert services (ALERTME!) – so that you will know who is conducting searches on you.
  8. To ensure that you are informed when new information is captured in your report

Or Click Here towww.mycreditinfo.com.my