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TRUSTED By Leading Brands CREDIT REPORTS From Over 200 Countries

RAM Credit Information’s strategic alliance with over 200 of the world’s leading credit bureaux provides an objective and trustworthy in-depth analysis and business intelligence of your subject; whose information you may otherwise not be able to access.

Our comprehensive credit reports are priced to be affordable for every segment of the Market wishing to know more indepth about Overseas Parties.

Containing both primary and secondary research, RAM Credit Information’s credit reports include:

  • Financial information and analysis,
  • Financial Health indicators & Payment Credibility
  • Credit Rating (with Default Probability) and Credit Limit Recommendation
  • Company Overview, Operation Overview, Industry Overview, Financial Highlight and Analysis, Management Structure, Litigation, Winding-Up and Bankruptcy status & etc.

In Collaboration with the World’s Leading Credit Reporting Agencies & the Most Experienced Bureau Operators in that Country


We Stand Proudly Behind Our Reports

We are Committed to Research, Analysis, Digging Deep, and Recruiting the Best Resources Available to Investigate. Our Experts pays Attention to Details, and verifies them to the best available in the Country of a Subject.

With the largest Partners on the Local Scene, we know from Who to get information & How to Get the latest updates to you.

Our Reputation comes first, and we ensure Quality with 3 Levels of Reviews:

  • At Subject Country
  • At Regional Level
  • At Client’s Host Country


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